Thursday, June 3, 2010


Works on Paper at 21LUDLOW
Opening JUNE 18TH, 2010
21 Ludlow St., New York

is not just another art gallery in the vibrant Lower East Side. It is a space where art can reach the vastest audience possible, not limited by snobbery and astronomical prices. A place where you can come in, enjoy art, dance a little and buy a marvelous piece at the price of a nice sweater. It is a place where you can rethink your attitude towards what seeing and buying art should be.

The concept of 21LUDLOW merges all that is great about New York culture life – cutting-edge art, great music, Lower East Side and strobelights. The space does not cater to the caste of proffesional gallery-goers, but aims at those who are interested in arts, but uninterested in the posh fancy that surrounds it. 21LUDLOW opens with the those who love art, but not necessarily money, in mind. Seeing art should be pleasure and fun, devoid of the uneasiness of elitism. One shouldn’t feel incompetent to enter a gallery, because everybody is competent. In 21LUDLOW we show and sell art with no pretense and everybody is welcomed.

The exciting summer life of 21LUDLOW commences on JUNE 18TH 2010 with the opening of our first show, Works on Paper. The show presents an array of playful works varying in styles, but coherent in the overall message – art should be imaginative, fun and affordable.

The exhibit includes talked-about artists from around the country including Stacey Rozich (based in Seattle, WA), exhibiting her work for the first time in New York and Christian Herr of Lancaster, PA.

All the pieces shown will be for sale, prices do not exceed $700. For questions, please contact May or Daniel at:

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